Suitable flooring for fitness and crossfit gyms.

Pentafit is suitable flooring for fitness and crossfit gyms with high performances, elasticity and proper grip.
The special shape gives the shock absorption and energy resistance together with a great mechanical resistance.
The product can be reused at the end of its life-cycle.


  • Pentafit shock-pad is made of granular material coming from discarded tires, combined with a thermoplastic polymer. This makes it truly environmentally friendly and completely reusable again at the end.

  • No risk of releasing pollutants into the environment, so absolutely no health risk.

  • Last durability.

  • Pentafit is available in 1200mm wide rolls with variable length on customer request.


High performance

The particular shape of Pentafit and the compound of which it is composed guarantees:

  • excellent shock absorption;
  • excellent energy return;
  • excellent stability.

100% closed-loop recyclable system

Our unique and innovative process transforms the PFU vulcanized rubber in a thermoplastic product completely recyclable and reusable again and again.



Thickness from 8 to 10 mm
Weight from 3,4 to 4,0 kg/smq
Roll size 1200 mm x L (according to customer needs)
Shock absorption from 32 to 44%
Vertical drainage 5758 lt/h/smq
Horizontal drainage ≥ 0,25 l/(m*s) 0,48 lt/(m*s)
Dimensional stability ≤ 0,5 % 0,10%
Tensile strength ≥ 0,20 Mpa 3,41 Mpa

Innovative junction system

  • Patented joint system which allows each panel to be bound to the others.

  • No sheath system is necessary.

  • Fast and easy to install, even in the absence of technical staff or special equipment.


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